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Welcome to umi!

Made with in Australia. 

Loved by nature.

Umi! is cruelty free and all of our products are sustainably sourced. Containers are made in Australia’s first carbon neutral plastics factory, based in Bangalow NSW. 

Specially formulated.

Umi!’s products use Totarol, nature’s super-antioxidant. Totarol is sustainably sourced from recycled wood and bark of the Totara tree in New Zealand.

Unbelievable quality.

Only the finest (natural) ingredients make the grade. We worked tirelessly with local scientists to ensure the ultimate formula was achieved – The first of its kind in Australia! 

Too legit to quit.

Real reviews.

Jade D
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What would I do without my Umii Face Scrub and Mask? I love the gentle exfoliant which I use weekly! It is perfect for me and the natural ingredients helps with my eczema.
Rosie F.
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This is such an amazing scrub – the combination of the smooth clay base and exfoliating stone so effective at removing dead skin and leaving your skin super soft. I like to apply a thick layer and leave on as a mask for a few minutes, add a small amount of water and exfoliate, then rinse clean. Haven’t found any other scrubs this effective – highly recommend!
Riley G.
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Probably the best skin care product I've ever used, the only thing I don't love is the look of the container (hence the 4 stars) but aside from that it is truly amazing.
Dion L.
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My review is probably a bit bias because I did some work with the Umii team, and my wife encouraged me to try the hand wash and the hair putty, and whilst I am no expert I can say they smell very natural and definitely do the job.
Alex C.
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It's not as pretty as the high end fancy packaging but what Umii lacks in it's bottles it more than makes up for in the smell and feeling of their skin care. I've been using the face mask for a few weeks now and I can see the difference every time I look in the mirror. I feel like my skin has wound back the clock at least 5-10 years. Incredible stuff!
Jesse B.
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I think Totarol is an incredible addition. I love that it is all natural because this stuff feels like it should have some nasty stuff in it because it's just too good. I'm stunned. Thanks heaps and also special thanks for the super fast delivery 🙂
Kate A.
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Umii was the stand out product that I received in a mystery box as a gift. The first time I used the calming scrub and face mask my skin felt unbelievably smooth, and days later my skin was still feeling silky and smooth.
Brenda T.
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I like the natural totarol, knowing that my kids can use umii and that it keeps them healthier and happier. My skin is visibly cleaner after use! Absolutely love it!
Daniel S.
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I did some research on Totarol and it's the real deal. I can feel the difference for sure, this is by far the best skin care product I've ever used (and my bathroom is full of them!)

Australian Certified Toxic-Free or Non-Toxic by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

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Treat yourself to one of Australia’s most luxurious skin care products.